A is for A Special Thing, Alex Balk, Alex Blagg, Amy Lighter, Andy Borowitz , Anya Garrett and The Assimilated Negro

is for Baron Vaughn, Best Week Ever, Bex Schwartz, Big Action, Bookslut, Brooklyn Vegan and Brandy Barber

is for Carolyn Castiglia, Carrie Seim, Claire Zulkey, Colleen Kane, Comedy Central Insider, The Comic’s Comic and Corporate Casual

is for Daily Intel, Dana J. Robinson, Danica Lo, Dead Frog, Drink at Work and Drudge

is for Elina Gorelik, Elizabeth Spiers, Emily Gould and Eric Drysdale

is for 43 Folders, Ferdinand Center for the Creative, Fishbowl NY and Franklin Ave

is for Gawker, Giles Hendrix, Glenn Gaslin, Goldenfiddle and Gothamist

H is for Heather Fink

I is for Idolator and I’ve Been Reading Lately

J is for Jackie Clarke, Jessica Coen, Jessica Cutler, Jessica Delfino, Jezebel, Jim Norton, Jordan Weeks, Jossip, Julia Allison and Julie Klausner

K is for Kambri Crews, Keith Huang and Kyle Smith

L is for Lemondrop, Liam McEneaney, Lockhart Steele and Lindsay Robertson

M is for Mark Lisanti, Mary Phillips-Sandy, Maud Newton, Maura Johnston, Mayrav Saar, Michelle Collins, Michael Malice and Mindy Raf

N is for The New Yorker, Noelle Hancock, The New York Observer and The New York Post

O is for OMG Blog

P is for Perez Hilton, Pink is the New Blog, PopBytes and PopWatch

Q is for Queerty

R is for The Rejection Show and Robert A. George

S is for Sara Benincasa, Sara Schaefer, Stephen Falk and Socialite Life

T is for 23/6 and TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

U is for Ultragrrrl and Upright Citizens Brigade

V is for Videogum

W is for Will Leitch and Wiz Bangpop!

X is for x17

Y is for Yeeeah!

Z is for Zach Galifianakis and Zen Habits