Friday, December 02, 2016

Don’t Go on Vacation Until You Vacation-Proof Your Relationship

“I have a little bit of a routine when I travel,” I warned my husband when we took a flight down South last year, our first time traveling to another state together. “I arrive at the airport two hours early, pack a bunch of snacks, I don’t check any bags, and I download a bunch of books on Audible ahead of time. Also, I get an Ambien script, meditate on the cab ride there …”

“A little routine?” he asked. “This sounds more like a cult initiation.”

I’m okay with that. If there were a cult of the Freakishly Overprepared Traveler Who Likes to Schedule Every Vacation Right Down to the Bathroom Breaks, I would join, no question. Because I am an enthusiastic vacation planner, and you should be, too.