Saturday, December 03, 2016

My Super-Personal (Like, I Own Everything On This Already) Christmas Gift Guide

1. Amazon Echo is a life-changer! It’s like having a personal assistant, researcher, news junkie and music fan with you at all times. Don’t forget to learn all the new things it can do. I could ask Wikipedia death dates for hours on end.

2. The Philips Hue lighting system is the most fun home-decorating purchase I’ve ever made. And as one of the reviews notes it lets you “live like Bill Gates for under $100.” Being able to create thousands of new, beautifully vibrant lighting systems all the time makes you feel like you’re living in a different fancy 5-star hotel every night.

3. Laser Stars Indoor Lights Show makes you feel like you’re living under a gorgeous ever-changing nighttime sky. This was a random buy during my phase of complete apartment overhaul a few months back. Here’s why I love it: In the bathroom, it makes you feel like you’re in a dreamy otherworldly spa, and in your bedroom it makes you feel like you’re in a planetarium.

4. Totally Bamboo Cutting and Serving Board, Manhattan, is great! And if you’re not obsessed with New York neighborhoods like me they have tons of states and cities around the country as well. It’s also just a damn fine cutting board in general.

5. Photographer’s Edge, Photo Insert Card, is a fun twist on the holiday card. You can put your own 4 X 6 pic in there and send a beautiful homemade greeting to friends and family.

6. All New Fire TV Stick makes you feel like you’re living in the future, for real. You can synch it with your Echo and say things like, “Show romantic comedies” or “Play Game of Thrones” and your TV will instantly play what you’re looking for. Even better, you can take your stick with you to a friend’s house to play your shows there if you want.

8. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera is such a blast! Photos come out perfectly vintage, and wow is it fun to have Polaroid-style results but with 2016 technology. So worth it for the price.

9. Kindle Paperwhite E-reader is the highest resolution e-reader on the market. Even better, you only have to charge it every few weeks and it’s so easy on your eyes. It’s awesome to easily get lost in a book again.

10. GoPro Hero+ is a great entry-level GoPro if you’re itching to try out this amazing tech. I’m still learning how to use all the powerful features, but I can’t wait to capture footage underwater, do time-lapse and tinker around with the dash-cam recording when I travel.

Friday, December 02, 2016

Talking K2, Spice, Zoloft, Heroin, Mushrooms, Benzos, Klonopin, Weed and Music with Graham Smith

It’s been far too long! Graham Smith and I caught up a few months back, but as I say in the podcast, I quit Zoloft, so I was way too fucking depressed to do anything about uploading it. Hooray for self-care and getting back on track, so these long-lost gems are now seeing the light of day again. We talk drugs!

Friday, December 02, 2016

Don’t Go on Vacation Until You Vacation-Proof Your Relationship

“I have a little bit of a routine when I travel,” I warned my husband when we took a flight down South last year, our first time traveling to another state together. “I arrive at the airport two hours early, pack a bunch of snacks, I don’t check any bags, and I download a bunch of books on Audible ahead of time. Also, I get an Ambien script, meditate on the cab ride there …”

“A little routine?” he asked. “This sounds more like a cult initiation.”

I’m okay with that. If there were a cult of the Freakishly Overprepared Traveler Who Likes to Schedule Every Vacation Right Down to the Bathroom Breaks, I would join, no question. Because I am an enthusiastic vacation planner, and you should be, too.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

The View Election Special

Just recorded a fresh post-election News Whore special that’s up on RiotCast now.

I referenced this clip which is up on YouTube analyzing our appearance on The View. Enjoy.